Best 2×2 Speed Cubes

A growing number of people enjoy speedcubing—the competitive practice of solving a Rubik’s Cube as quickly as possible. As any speedcuber can confidently say, the 2×2 speed cube competition has grown in popularity over the past few years. The 2×2 cube is a great way to test your cubing skills and increase your speed because of its smaller size and fewer pieces. If you want to be taken seriously as a speed cuber, you need a top-notch 2×2 cube. A 2×2 speed cube is a variant of the classic Rubik’s Cube modified for speedcubing. Speedcubers favor the 2×2 speed cube because it is easier to manipulate than more giant cubes.

There are a plethora of 2×2 speed cubes to choose from, making the decision-making process tricky. We compiled this buying guide to help you zero in on the finest 2×2 speed cube currently available. We have analyzed performance and design features, consulted with world-record holders and speedcubers, and conducted extensive research on the most popular cubes. Find the best 2×2 speed cube, whether you’re a seasoned pro or starting.

List of Best 2×2 Speed Cubes:

Most Important Characteristics of 2×2 Speed Cubes

2×2 Speed cubes are a type of Rubik’s cube that is designed for speedcubing. Some of the most important characteristics of 2×2 speed cubes include the following:

  • Size and Weight: 2×2 speed cubes are usually smaller and lighter than standard Rubik’s cubes, with an edge length of around 50mm. This smaller size and lighter weight make them easier to handle and manipulate quickly, allowing speedcubers to perform algorithms and turn the cube more quickly. The smaller size of the cube also means that there are fewer pieces to keep track of, making it easier to track the position of each piece during a solve.
  • Smooth and Fast Turning: One of the most important characteristics of a 2×2 speed cube is its ability to turn smoothly and quickly. The turning mechanism of a speed cube is typically based on a combination of plastic parts, springs, and lubricants that work together to allow for fast and smooth turning. Many 2×2 speed cubes also have specialized mechanisms, such as corner-cutting features or internal magnets, that help to facilitate faster turning and better control.
  • Corner Cutting: Corner cutting is the ability of a cube to turn when the corner pieces are misaligned, allowing for faster solves. In a 2×2 speed cube, corner cutting is especially important because there are fewer pieces to work with than in larger cubes. Many 2×2 speed cubes have a high degree of corner cutting ability, allowing speedcubers to turn the cube quickly and easily, even when the corners are slightly misaligned.
  • Durability: Speedcubing can put a lot of wear and tear on a cube, so 2×2 speed cubes need to be durable and able to withstand frequent use. Many speed cubes are made with high-quality plastics that are designed to resist scratches, cracks, and other forms of damage. Additionally, many speed cubes are designed with modular parts, such as removable corner pieces, which can be replaced if they become damaged or worn out over time.
  • Customizability: Many speedcubers like to customize their cubes with different stickers, colors, and other modifications to make them unique and personalized. 2×2 speed cubes often have customizable parts and features, such as interchangeable stickers or different types of springs and magnets, that allow for a high degree of customization. Some 2×2 speed cubes also come with additional accessories, such as extra springs or a screwdriver for adjusting the tension of the cube, that allow speedcubers to fine-tune the cube to their liking.

Best 2×2 Speed Cubes Reviews – 2023

1. D-FantiX QY Toys Qidi S2 2×2 Speed Cube

D-FantiX QY Toys is proud to present the Qidi S2, a 2×2 speed cube that is ideal for beginners. This cube has superior speed and smoothness in its corners thanks to its enhanced anti-pop technology and structural design. Cutting corners is so simple that you can finish a puzzle in record time. Modifying the tension allows for more nuanced and personal play. Plus, there’s no setup required for this cube because it comes pre-lubricated and pre-tensioned.

This cube not only solves quickly, but it also turns extremely smoothly, without any corner twists or lockups. Because of this, it is perfect for cubers who want to advance their abilities to the next level. The D-FantiX QY Toys Qidi S2 2×2 Speed Cube is the best option for a high-quality, dependable 2×2 speed cube. This unbeatable cube will change the way you experience puzzles forever.

The most cutting-edge 2×2 speed cube is the D-FantiX QY Toys Qidi S2. It has a unique frosted surface design that improves grip and prevents scratches from daily use. This classic color-matching puzzle tasks you with rearranging the cube’s faces so that each side displays a single color. The cube’s high-quality construction ensures that it will serve cubers of all skill levels well for years to come. The D-FantiX QY Toys Qidi S2 2×2 Speed Cube’s flawlessly engineered mechanism makes solving it easier and faster than ever. You can enjoy yourself for hours while putting your creativity and problem-solving skills to the test.

2. BestCube 2×2 Qidi 2x2x2 Speed Cube

Discover about the BestCube 2×2 Qidi 2x2x2 Speed Cube, the pinnacle of speed cubing. This cube was made with the most competitive speedcubers and cubers with advanced cubing skills in mind. It’s great for exercising your mind and patience because of its improved anti-pop technology and structure, which ensures lightning-fast cornering every time. Thanks to its sturdy construction and lightweight design, this cube is built to last through heavy daily use. Today is the day to add it to your cubing arsenal and reach new heights in your cubing prowess.

This cube is designed to make solving puzzles a joyful experience with its sleek form and quick movement. The game is stable and fun to play thanks to the latest advancements in anti-pop technology and superior corner-cutting. The cube’s inner core is reinforced to prevent it from popping as you play. This high-end 2×2 speed cube will provide you with the most satisfying gameplay experience. Whether you’re shopping for a New Year’s, Christmas, birthday, or Children’s Day present, this speed cube is sure to please. It’s simple enough for newcomers to pick up on how it works in no time, but deep enough to offer advanced players a wealth of options.

3. Roxenda Speed Cube Set

Every speedcuber should get the Roxenda Speed Cube Set. The cube’s construction from non-toxic ABS material and its use of long-lasting, non-fading stickers make it ideal for children’s early cognitive development. Improved anti-pop technology and structural redesigns allow for lightning-fast, seamless turns. For optimum performance, the cube has already been lubricated and tensioned. This speed cube set will take your cubing to new levels, whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned pro. Get your hands on a Speed Cube Set right away and start figuring out those puzzles.

The Roxenda Speed Cube Set is an excellent method of stimulating and honing one’s mind. This set of cubes has a smooth turning action and can be used for speed cubing, making it a great way to improve a child’s memory and encourage spatial awareness. Put your brain to the test and see who in your group can solve the most difficult puzzles. This timeless puzzle is great for kids of all ages, but it also helps adults de-stress from their jobs and keeps the brains of the elderly sharp. Thanks to its sturdy build and dependable functionality, this cube set will always be a hit.

4. Qidi Speed Cube 2×2- Stickerless Magic Cube

We’re excited to introduce the Qidi Speed Cube 2×2- Stickerless Magic Cube as the ultimate addition to any puzzler’s collection. This cube’s high-quality ABS construction ensures that it will retain its like-new appearance even after repeated washings and exposure to the sun. The cube’s small card-corner design offers superior anti-POP ability and stability, preventing it from scattering. You can feel comfortable giving this speed cube to kids and novices alike because it has received US safety certification.

The anti-adhesive groove and the Cross shaft design make for a longer-lasting, smoother cube with fewer bumps. Because of its 40% tolerance fault rate, your cube will remain in working order no matter how roughly you treat it. The Qidi Speed Cube 2×2- Stickerless Magic Cube is a great choice if you’re looking for a novel way to kill time or a challenging puzzle to solve with friends and family. This modern take on the classic puzzle cube is sure to be enjoyed by puzzle fans of all ages. Thanks to this cube, your child will have hours of fun while their focus, responsiveness, memory, and logical thinking skills are developed. Since it doesn’t use stickers, you won’t have to waste time removing or replacing them. 

The cube is fun for people of all ages and presents a challenge even to seasoned puzzle experts. It’s great for socializing and letting off steam with loved ones after a long day. Players can expect to feel a sense of accomplishment after using this game because of its novel ergonomic design and silky turning action. This speed cube is built to withstand countless uses without showing any signs of wear and tear. Your child will have plenty of fun while facing meaningful challenges that help them grow in patience and self-assurance. 

5. D-FantiX Cyclone Boys 2×2 Speed Cube

With the D-FantiX Cyclone Boys 2×2 Speed Cube, you can take your speedcubing to the next level. It’s great for cutting corners, you can adjust the tension, and you have unparalleled control, making this cube ideal for cubers of all skill levels. With its original eco-friendly ABS material, which won’t fade or peel like conventional stickers, and its pre-lubrication and tensioning for peak performance, it’s hard to beat.

This new speed cube’s mechanism guarantees constant rotations that are both quick and stable. The D-FantiX Cyclone Boys 2×2 Speed Cube is an excellent choice if you’re a competitive speed cuber or enjoy the challenge of solving puzzles. Your speed-cubing abilities will skyrocket if you pick one up right now.

It’s time to put your skills to the test with this speed cube. Players of all skill levels can enjoy this timeless game of color matching. There are over 3 million different permutations that can be tried out while attempting to solve the cube. The colors will look like they’re all over the place, but with practice, you can fix it in under two seconds. Spend quality time together twisting and turning the cube’s sides until each face displays only one color. Prepare yourself for a challenging game of strategy that will challenge your mind and keep your hands active.

6. GAN 249 V2, 2×2 Speed Cube Gans Mini Cube

The GAN 249 V2 2×2 Speed Cube Gans Mini Cube seems exceptional for speed-cubing enthusiasts. The honeycomb design on the corner contact points is an innovative feature that provides a smoother feel and prolongs the life of the lubricant. Additionally, the patented IPG core makes the cube easily tunable, enabling improved turning and controllable movements.

The bright stickerless color scheme makes distinguishing colors easier and improves accuracy, even at high speeds. The cube’s lightness, at only 52 grams, provided an impressive hand feel and improved turning speed.

Furthermore, by connecting with the GAN team, customers can stay updated with the latest GAN products and even give feedback on future models. The customer support team should also ensure that customers have a satisfactory experience. Overall, this is an excellent choice for speedcubers looking for a lightweight, easily tunable cube with a smooth and durable design.

7. GAN 251 M Air, 2×2 Magnetic Speed Cube

The GAN 251 M Air is a 2×2 magnetic speed cube that you can use for all of your cubing needs. There are three different cubes- Air, Pro, and Leap. The internal magnetic core is responsible for its silky smoothness and lightweight. The Air model is even lighter than previous iterations because it has fixed corner magnets instead of a central magnet. The magnets in the center of the Pro version are adjustable, while those in the Leap version are much larger. All three versions boast top-notch functionality and reliability. The Pro is more steady, while the Leap is quicker.

You’ll love this 2×2 Magnetic Speed Cube if you value speed and accuracy. This cube is designed to satisfy the needs of serious speed cubers and casual puzzle enthusiasts by providing various tuning options. With two different nut distances, four elasticity settings, and three magnet settings (Pro and Leap), any configuration can be achieved in seconds using just a single tool.

The GAN251 M series’ corner-cutting efficiency and smooth-sliding tracks come from their adjustable magnet strength and tension tuning. This cube weighs less than 60 grams thanks to its lightweight design and powerful features. The ergonomic shape and silky finish make it feel like an extension of your hand.

8. TANCH QIYI Speed Cube 2X2X2 No Stickers Magic Cube

TANCH QIYI has released a new 2x2x2 magic cube that is ideal for speed cubers of all ages and abilities. This cube is built to last and is made from high-quality, recyclable ABS plastic. Because of its superior anti-pop design and construction, this cube allows for lightning-fast, frictionless cornering. The new, improved design also ensures it will last many years of fun playtime. Anyone who enjoys a good challenge or participates in competitive speed cubing will find it the perfect solution thanks to its easy turning and smooth playing experience.

Do you want to find the best present for your loved ones or for yourself? In that case, this TANCH is your best bet. This cube is built to be the quickest and most effective option available. It can be turned more quickly and efficiently than ever before, thanks to the slight rounding of its internal corners.

This speed cube is great for people of any age, even those as young as three, as it is both a lot of fun and a great way to practice and improve your problem-solving abilities. Not only that, but it stands out from the crowd thanks to its eye-catching pattern and hues. 

9. Goliath NEXcube 2×2 Classic – Stickerless Speed Cube

With the Goliath NEXcube 2×2 Classic Speed Cube, you can experience the rush of breaking world records. This ultrasmooth cube is ideal for the competitive or severe enthusiast who needs maximum speed and accuracy. Thanks to its ergonomic design, which features adjustable elasticity for superior control, you can twist and turn it as quickly as you like without losing your grip. The incredible design of the Goliath NEXcube 2×2 Classic will challenge even the most seasoned puzzle solvers to new heights.

This sticker-free speed cube is designed to be as quick and easy to use as it is sleek. The included display stand makes it easy to flaunt your accomplishments. This cube is ideal for kids 8 and up due to its straightforward design. The best way to keep your mind sharp is to challenge yourself to solve the puzzle in less time each time. Get the Goliath NEXcube 2×2 Classic right now for a once-in-a-lifetime puzzle-solving adventure.

10. Roxenda Speed Cube Set

These four cubes include a 2×2, 3×3, 4×4, and pyramid cube. Each cube is manufactured using eco-friendly materials of the highest standard. You can rest assured that your cubes will retain their original performance over time thanks to the non-toxic ABS material from which they are crafted. Their fault tolerance performance is high and they feature a sticker-free frosted surface for easy rotation. Each cube also has its own English instruction manual to make building and solving it a breeze.

The Roxenda Speed Cube Set is an excellent choice for any cuber, whether they are just starting out or are seasoned veterans looking for a new challenge. You’ll be able to finish puzzles faster than ever before thanks to its top-notch build and unparalleled performance.

Explore the Roxenda Speed Cube Set, the best learning tool for kids and grownups alike. Your child’s spatial awareness and memorization skills can benefit from using the Roxenda speed cube set. This speed cube is ideal for regular use due to its superior corner cutting, adjustable tension, sturdy construction, and contoured edges. This educational toy has multiple functions, including distracting children from electronic devices so you can teach them to focus and solve problems. Seniors can use this cube to help them relax and forget their worries at work. The Roxenda Speed Cube Set is an unbeatable classic that will never go out of style, as it allows you to keep up with the latest trends in gaming while providing hours of entertainment for people of all ages.

What to Consider When Buying the Best 2×2 Speed Cubes

When buying a 2×2 speed cube, several factors must be considered to ensure that you get the best cube for your needs. Here are some things to keep in mind:


There are many brands of 2×2 speed cubes on the market, and each brand has its own reputation for quality, performance, and innovation. Some popular brands include MoYu, Gan, QiYi, YJ, and Dayan. It’s important to research the different brands and read reviews from other speedcubers to get a sense of which brands are most highly regarded.


Turning ability is the most critical factor in a 2×2 speed cube’s performance. A good 2×2 speed cube should have smooth, fast, and controllable turning, with a high degree of corner-cutting ability. The cube’s turning mechanism, consisting of plastic parts, springs, and lubricants, plays a crucial role in achieving these characteristics. The corner-cutting ability is essential in 2×2 speedcubes because there are fewer pieces to work with, making it easier to misalign the pieces during a solve.

Size and Weight

2×2 speed cubes are smaller and lighter than standard Rubik’s cubes, with an edge length of around 50mm. However, even among 2×2 speed cubes, there can be variations in size and weight. It’s important to consider your hand size and preferred solving style when selecting a cube. Some cubers prefer a heavier cube that provides more stability, while others prefer a lighter cube that allows for faster turning. Similarly, some cubers may find a larger cube more comfortable to hold, while others may prefer a smaller cube for better control.


Some 2×2 speed cubes offer more customization options than others. For example, some cubes have interchangeable parts, such as different types of springs and magnets, which allow cubers to adjust the tension and feel of the cube to their liking. Others may offer different types of stickers or even customizable color schemes. The degree of customizability may not be important to all cubers, but those who like to experiment with different setups may consider it an essential factor.


2×2 speed cubes can vary significantly, with some models costing less than $10 and others costing over $50. Higher prices do not always guarantee better performance, so it’s important to consider what features and performance characteristics are most important to you. Remember that some brands may be more expensive due to their reputation for quality, innovation, and performance. However, many excellent 2×2 speed cubes are available at a reasonable price, so it’s important to find a cube that fits your budget and meets your needs.

Benefits of Solving Speed Cube

Speed cubing, or solving a Rubik’s Cube or similar puzzle as quickly as possible, has recently gained significant popularity. It is not just a fun and challenging hobby but also offers a range of benefits that can improve mental, physical, and social well-being. In this answer, I will discuss some of the benefits of speedcubing in detail.

  • Improves problem-solving skills: Speedcubing is an excellent way to improve problem-solving skills. It helps develop a systematic problem-solving approach and enhances spatial reasoning and logical thinking skills. The practice of speedcubing involves breaking down complex problems into smaller parts, which can be applied to other areas of life.
  • Enhances memory and concentration: Speedcubing requires high concentration and focus. Practicing regularly can improve memory retention and recall as well as help increase attention span and concentration. The process of memorizing algorithms and sequences can also boost cognitive function and overall brain health.
  • Builds patience and perseverance: Speed cubing can be frustrating, especially for beginners. However, continued practice and dedication can help develop patience and perseverance. These qualities can be transferred to other aspects of life, such as work or personal relationships.
  • Promotes creativity: Speed cubing involves thinking outside the box and exploring different approaches to solving a problem. It fosters creativity and innovation, which can be applied to various aspects of life, such as problem-solving at work or creating art.
  • Reduces stress: Speed cubing can be an excellent stress reliever. The concentration and focus required to solve the puzzle can help calm the mind and reduce stress levels. Additionally, the sense of accomplishment that comes with solving the puzzle can boost confidence and mood.
  • Offers a sense of community: Speed cubing has a large and supportive community of enthusiasts worldwide. Participating in competitions and events can provide a sense of belonging and offer opportunities to make new friends.
  • Improves motor skills: Speed cubing involves manipulating the cube with precision and accuracy, which can improve fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. This skill can be helpful in other activities, such as playing musical instruments or participating in sports.

Overall, speed cubing offers a range of benefits that can improve mental, physical, and social well-being. From improving problem-solving skills to reducing stress levels, speed cubing can be a rewarding and enjoyable hobby for people of all ages and backgrounds.

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