Best 3×3 Speed Cubes For Beginners & Professionals

Speedcubing is a sport that has attracted a large following, and it is no surprise that manufacturers have risen to the challenge by creating high-quality speed cubes. A speed cube is a Rubik’s Cube designed specifically for speedcubing, with features that improve the overall cubing experience, such as smooth turning, corner cutting, and a customizable tension system. A 3×3 speed cube is the most popular and widely used in speed-cubing competitions. It is an entertaining way to pass the time and a great way to improve your cognitive skills, such as problem-solving, spatial awareness, and pattern recognition.

When it comes to choosing the best 3×3 speed cube, there are a lot of factors to consider, such as the cube’s turning speed, corner cutting ability, overall stability, and customization options. Additionally, each cuber has its preferences and style, making it challenging to determine which cube is the best fit.

In this article, we will explore the top 10 best 3×3 speed cubes available today, highlighting their features, pros, and cons. Our goal is to help you decide which cube to choose based on your individual preferences and needs.

What is a 3×3 Speed Cube?

A 3×3 speed cube is a type of Rubik’s cube designed for speedcubing, which is the sport of solving Rubik’s cubes as quickly as possible. The 3×3 cube is the most popular size of Rubik’s cube and is the one most commonly used in speedcubing competitions.

The 3×3 speed cube comprises 27 smaller cubes arranged in a 3x3x3 matrix. Each face of the cube is covered with nine stickers, one for each of the six colors used on the cube: white, yellow, blue, green, red, and orange. The puzzle’s goal is to scramble the cube by twisting and turning the smaller cubes and then restore it to its original solved state by solving one face at a time so that each of the six faces is a solid color.

Speedcubes is designed to be faster and smoother than standard Rubik’s cubes, allowing for faster solving times. They typically have a more intricate mechanism for faster turning and more precise movements. The internal mechanism of a 3×3 speed cube typically consists of a core with several interconnected pieces surrounded by layers of smaller cubes that can be turned independently. The pieces are designed to minimize friction and provide a smooth, fast feel.

Speedcubing has become an increasingly popular hobby in recent years, with thousands worldwide competing in tournaments and events. The world record for solving a 3×3 speed cube is currently held by Yusheng Du from China, who solved the cube in just 3.47 seconds at the Wuhu Open 2018 competition. Whether you are a serious speedcuber or just enjoy solving the cube for fun, a 3×3 speed cube can provide a challenging and rewarding puzzle-solving experience.

Top Picks:

Best 3×3 Speed Cubes Reviews -2023

1. D-FantiX Speed Cube Set

The D-FantiX Speed Cube Set is a bundle of high-quality stickerless speed cubes from Moyu Meilong, consisting of the MF2S 2×2, MF3S 3×3, MF4S 4×4, and MF5S 5×5 cubes. These cubes have been designed with speedcubers in mind, offering great corner cutting ability and adjustable tension for a customizable feel.

One of the standout features of these cubes is their improved anti-pop technology, which makes them much less likely to pop or lock up during use. This allows for greater control and speed when solving and a more enjoyable experience overall.

In addition to their excellent performance, these speed cubes are also pre-lubricated and tensioned for added convenience. They have a smooth, fast feel right out of the box and are ready to use without any additional setup required.

2. Coogam GAN 356 R S Speed Cube Gans 356R 3×3

The Coogam GAN 356 R S Speed Cube is a top-of-the-line 3×3 speed cube designed for competitive speedcubers and enthusiasts alike. The cube features a stickerless design with a sleek and elegant appearance.

One of the key features of the GAN 356 R S is the GES v3 system, which provides precise elasticity to ensure high verticality, accuracy, and stability. This reduces the likelihood of the cube popping and makes it more controllable, allowing for smoother and faster solves.

The cube also features the IPG V5 axis, which helps to enhance the stability and overall performance of the cube. The standard size of the cube is 2.2×2.2×2.2in, making it easy to handle and maneuver.

The classical circle-square corner feet and triple edge feet bring the best performance, even when facing the toughest angles. This makes the cube suitable for both beginners and experienced speedcubers.

3. GAN 356 M, 3×3 Magnetic Speed Cube

The GAN 356 M is a 3×3 magnetic speed cube with a stickerless design, making it perfect for enthusiasts who prefer a cleaner look. It features a plastic core and a new GES (Gans Elasticity System) design allowing easy customization and improved performance. The cube also has visible magnets, which add to its aesthetic appeal and enhance its overall feel and stability.

One of the standout features of the GAN 356 M is its anti-scratch surface, which helps to prevent scratches and scuffs from developing over time, ensuring that the cube looks great even after repeated use. Additionally, the cube has several other features that make it stand out from other mid-range speed cubes, including an inner honeycomb surface that reduces friction and increases durability and classic corner feet that ensure optimal corner cutting, anti-pop, and anti-twist performance.

The GAN 356 M is a high-quality speed cube designed to provide enthusiasts with an exceptional solving experience. Its modern design, advanced features, and mid-range price point make it a great choice for novice and experienced cubers looking for a functional and stylish cube.

4. STEAM Life Speed Cube Set 3 Pack Magic Cube

The STEAM Life Speed Cube Set is a collection of three high-quality speed cubes designed for individuals of all ages who love solving puzzles. The set includes a 3×3 speed cube, a 2×2 speed cube, and a pyramid cube, offering a diverse range of challenging puzzles for kids, teens, and adults.

Each cube is made from durable and premium-quality plastic, ensuring long-lasting use and resistance against wear and tear. The cubes are built to withstand frequent use, making them perfect for speedcubing competitions or regular practice sessions.

The cubes are designed to move smoothly and quickly with minimal resistance, allowing for fast and efficient solving. The smooth twists and turns make it easier to execute algorithms and move through the cube easily, making the STEAM Life Speed Cube Set a great choice for beginner and advanced cubers.

5. D-FantiX Cyclone Boys 3×3 Speed Cube

The D-FantiX Cyclone Boys 3×3 Speed Cube Stickerless Magic Cube 3x3x3 Puzzles Toys is an advanced puzzle cube that offers high performance and great value. With its 6 plastic color puzzle design, this cube eliminates the need for stickers, making it both durable and easy to maintain.

Crafted from original and eco-friendly ABS material, this cube is non-toxic, reliable, and lightweight, making it comfortable to hold for extended periods of time. It is also harmless to humans and the environment, making it a responsible choice for puzzle enthusiasts.

The cube is designed to offer great corner cutting, making it easy to manipulate and solve. It also features tension adjustment, allowing users to customize the tension to their preference. With its advanced design, this cube doesn’t corner twist as often and doesn’t lock up, making it ideal for competitive play or casual solving.

6. ROXENDA Speed Cube Set

The ROXENDA Speed Cube Set is a set of three different types of puzzle cubes, including a 2x2x2 cube, a 3x3x3 cube, and a pyramid cube. Each cube has a frosted surface that increases resistance, making them easy to hold and preventing scratches. The cubes are made of eco-friendly ABS material that is non-poisonous, has molecular structural stability, and is impact-resistant, avoiding wear and deformation over time.

These cubes are designed for speedcubing and offer superior corner cutting and adjustable tension for a customizable experience. They are difficult to pop, offer good control, and provide excellent stability during use. The cubes also feature slightly rounded internal corners, making them easier and quicker to turn, and built-in springs that provide flexibility and a better hand feel.

In addition, the design of the cubes includes a 1-2mm axis distance setting that prevents the dropping of the module and clashing during the rotation of the magic cube puzzle, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted gameplay. Overall, the ROXENDA Speed Cube Set is a high-quality, durable, enjoyable puzzle set suitable for beginners and experienced speedcubers.

7. Speed Cube 3x3x3 Jurnwey Stickerless with Cube Tutorial

The Speed Cube 3x3x3 Jurnwey Stickerless is a puzzle game brain toy designed for both kids and adults. It comes with a cube tutorial that guides users on how to turn the cube speedily and smoothly. The cube is made of ABS material, which is safe, BPA-free, and non-toxic, and has undergone third-party lab testing.

The cube has a stick-less smooth surface that prevents stickers from peeling off, and its small card corner design enhances its anti-POP ability, making it stable and not scattered. The cube has also passed US safety certification.

The cross-shaft design of the cube makes it freely adjustable and smooth to feel, while the anti-adhesive groove ensures it is smoother and more durable. Users no longer have to worry about the feeling of the cube after playing for a while.

8. CFMOUR Original Speed Cube 3x3x3

The CFMOUR Original Speed Cube 3x3x3 is a fast-paced puzzle toy for kids and adults. It features a smooth and durable design made with carbon fiber, ensuring the cube is both sturdy and lightweight.

This magic cube is highly customizable with adjustable tightness, which allows you to fine-tune the cube to your liking for faster and smoother gameplay. The anti-slip matte stickers provide excellent grip and prevent the cube from slipping out of your hands, allowing faster problem-solving times.

The CFMOUR Original Speed Cube 3x3x3 is made with safety in mind and is constructed with ABS material, which is harmless to humans and the environment. It is a popular choice for kids and adults alike, providing hours of fun and stimulating gameplay that promotes problem-solving and critical-thinking skills.

9. CuberSpeed MFJS Moyu RS3 M 2020 Flagship 3×3 Speed Cube

The CuberSpeed MFJS Moyu RS3 M 2020 Flagship 3×3 Speed Cube is an advanced puzzle cube designed for speedcubers and enthusiasts. This cube features a mechanism rework, which means it has been re-engineered for optimal performance. The new color scheme provides better visibility and recognition, making it easier to solve.

One of the most notable features of the Moyu RS3M 2020 Flagship is the factory-installed magnets. These magnets help keep the cube aligned during solves, reducing lockups and improving overall stability. Additionally, the cube uses MoYu’s classic dual adjustment system, allowing for easy customization of the tension and elasticity of the cube.

The Moyu RS3M 2020 Flagship cube is made from eco-friendly ABS material, which is durable and resistant to fading, peeling, and cheating. The cube’s anti-stick design prevents viscosity, making the cube solve smoothly and efficiently. 

10. YCBABY Qiyi Warrior W Speed Cube 3×3

The YCBABY Qiyi Warrior W Speed Cube 3×3 is a high-quality, stickerless magic cube puzzle toy designed to enhance your child’s cognitive abilities. This 3x3x3 speed cube has a standard size of 56mm and is perfect for beginners, intermediate and advanced cubers.

The Qiyi Warrior W Speed Cube features a smooth and stable mechanism that ensures fast and precise movements, making it perfect for speedcubing. The cube is made of durable, environmentally friendly ABS plastic, durable and long-lasting, and can withstand frequent use without losing its shape or quality.

This puzzle toy is fun and an educational tool that can help improve your child’s concentration, responsiveness, and memory. Solving the cube requires strategic thinking and problem-solving skills, which can help sharpen your child’s mind and improve their cognitive abilities.

The stickerless design of the cube ensures that the colors will not fade or peel off, even with frequent use. This also makes it easier to differentiate the colors and solve the cube more efficiently.

How to Choose the Best 3×3 Speed Cubes?

When it comes to choosing the best 3×3 speed cube, there are a few things you should keep in mind. A 3×3 speed cube is designed to be solved as quickly as possible, so speed is a crucial factor to consider. Other factors such as durability, size and weight, brand, price, and personal preference can also impact your decision. Let’s explore each of these factors in more detail.


First, speed is an essential consideration when choosing a 3×3 speed cube. The cube should have a fast, smooth turning mechanism for quick and precise movements. Some popular options include magnetic cubes, which use magnets to improve the stability and speed of the cube. A fast cube can significantly improve your solving time and overall experience.


Next, durability is another critical factor to consider. You want a cube made of high-quality plastic that can withstand repeated use. Some cubes come with replaceable parts, such as springs and screws, which can extend the life of the cube. A durable cube will save you money in the long run and provide a better overall experience.

Size and Weight

The size and weight of the cube can also impact your solving time and comfort. A cube that is too small or light may be difficult to control, while a cube that is too large or heavy may be cumbersome to move quickly. Finding a cube that feels comfortable in your hands and allows you to execute moves quickly and accurately is important.


The brand is another factor to consider when choosing a 3×3 speed cube. Some brands are known for producing high-quality cubes that perform well in competition. Popular brands include Gan, Moyu, Yuxin, and QiYi. Choosing a reputable brand can increase the likelihood of finding a high-quality cube.


Price is also an essential consideration. Speed cubes can range in price from a few dollars to over $50. Generally, more expensive cubes have better quality materials and design features. However, many affordable options can still provide a good solving experience. It’s important to find a cube that fits within your budget and offers good value for the price.

Personal preference

Finally, personal preference is a crucial factor to consider when choosing a 3×3 speed cube. Some people prefer cubes with a particular feel or design. It’s a good idea to try out a few different cubes before purchasing to see which one feels the most comfortable and natural to you.

Pro Tips to Solve 3×3 Speed Cubes

best 3x3 Speed Cube

Solving a 3×3 speed cube can be a challenging task, but with the right tips and practice, you can become an expert in solving it quickly. Here are some tips to help you solve a 3×3 speed cube easily:

Learn the Basic Notation

The notation used to describe the movements of a Rubik’s cube consists of letters representing the different faces of the cube. The notation includes the letters F (front), B (back), R (right), L (left), U (up), and D (down). The notation also includes symbols like prime (‘) and double (2) to indicate the direction of the turn. For example, a move such as F’ means to turn the front face counterclockwise.

Master the Basic Algorithms

Algorithms are sequences of moves used to solve the Rubik’s cube. Learning and understanding basic algorithms like the cross, F2L (First Two Layers), and OLL (Orientation of Last Layer) is essential to solve the Rubik’s cube efficiently. The cross involves solving the first layer of the cube, F2L involves solving the first two layers, and OLL involves orienting the last layer. Once you master the basic algorithms, you can move on to more advanced ones to solve the cube even faster.

Practice Finger Dexterity

Solving a Rubik’s cube requires quick and precise finger movements. Practicing finger dexterity exercises can improve your speed and accuracy when solving the cube. Some exercises to improve finger dexterity include finger stretches, finger rolls, and finger taps.

Memorize Algorithms

The more algorithms you memorize, the easier it becomes to solve the cube. It’s essential to memorize the basic algorithms and then move on to more advanced ones as you become more proficient. Memorizing algorithms allows you to recognize patterns in the cube and solve it faster.

Use a Timer

Timing yourself while solving the cube can help you measure your progress and identify areas for improvement. It’s important to track your progress and keep working on improving your time with each solve. You can use a timer app or a physical timer to time yourself while solving.

Stay Relaxed

Staying relaxed and keeping your fingers loose is important when solving a Rubik’s cube. Being too tense can slow down your movements and make it more challenging to solve the cube. Take deep breaths and stay calm to help improve your performance.

Watch Tutorials

Expert video tutorials can help you learn new algorithms, improve your technique, and find new ways to solve the cube. Practicing along with tutorials can also help you master algorithms faster. There are many tutorial videos available on platforms like YouTube and Twitch.

By following these tips and practicing regularly, you can solve a 3×3 speed cube easily and quickly. Remember, practice makes perfect, so keep at it, and you will become an expert soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of solving a 3×3 speed cube?

Solving a 3×3 speed cube helps improve hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, and critical thinking skills. It also helps in improving memory, patience, and concentration. Moreover, it is an enjoyable and challenging activity that can help relieve stress and improve mental agility.

What are the different types of 3×3 speed cubes?

Different types of 3×3 speed cubes are available in the market, such as magnetic, non-magnetic, stickered, stickerless, and more. These cubes vary in their mechanism, design, and material.

How to solve a 3×3 speed cube?

Various methods exist to solve a 3×3 speed cube, such as CFOP, Roux, ZZ, and more. The most popular method is CFOP (Cross, F2L, OLL, PLL), which involves solving the cube in four stages. Many online tutorials and guides can help you learn how to solve a 3×3 speed cube.

What are the tips for solving a 3×3 speed cube faster?

Some tips for solving a 3×3 speed cube faster are practicing regularly, learning and using efficient algorithms, using a good cube lubricant, adjusting the tension of the cube, and keeping track of your progress.

How to maintain a 3×3 speed cube?

Maintaining a 3×3 speed cube is essential to keep it clean and lubricated. Use a soft cloth to wipe the cube and remove any dust or dirt. Apply a small amount of lubricant to the moving parts of the cube to ensure smooth movement. Avoid dropping the cube or exposing it to extreme temperatures or moisture.

Final Words

The best 3×3 speed cubes can be an exciting and rewarding way to challenge yourself and keep your mind sharp. With so many options available, you can find one perfect for you, depending on your skill level and budget. It’s important to remember that with any puzzle, practice makes perfect! Spend time getting familiar with the cube, understanding how each piece moves and interacts with each other. With patience and dedication, you can soon solve the cube quickly.

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