Top 10 Best 7×7 Cube (2023 Update)

The 7×7 cube, also known as the “Professor’s Cube,” is a challenging puzzle toy that has become popular among enthusiasts of Rubik’s Cube-style twisty puzzles. The 7×7 cube is a higher-order puzzle than the classic 3×3 cube and requires more advanced solving techniques.

There are many different 7×7 cubes on the market, but the best 7×7 cube has smooth, easy-to-turn layers and a sturdy build quality that can withstand repeated use. The ideal cube should also have bright, contrasting colors that make it easy to distinguish between different sides.

The best 7×7 cube has been optimized for the speed and performance of severe speedcubers, with a lightweight design and minimal friction between the layers. However, a well-made, reliable 7×7 cube with a smooth, satisfying feel is ideal for most casual puzzle enthusiasts.

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Best 7×7 Cube Reviews

1. Shengshou 7x7x7 Cube Puzzle, Black

Have you always wanted to solve the traditional Rubik’s Cube puzzle? This is your chance! Shengshou 7x7x7 Cube Puzzle, Black, will challenge your brain and improve your mental skill. It is a value speed cube. It has become popular among speedcubers. Once completed, the original Shengshou 7X7X7 package comes with an instruction leaflet and a white stand for displaying your cube.

The Shengshou 7x7x7 Cube Puzzle is a highly advanced speed cube puzzle. This seven-layer puzzle features high-quality stickers with smooth turning, and the easy-to-twist mechanism ensures optimal stability to reduce overshooting, lockups, and bumping during a solve. It is one of the best 7x7x7 cubes out there.

2. V-Cube 7 Pillowed

The V-Cube 7 Pillowed is a fun, easy-to-use, and highly addictive puzzle that will challenge you. This 7-piece fantasy toy has a smooth rotating mechanism that allows it to rotate smoothly when scrambled and is, therefore, perfect for all the family. The V-Cube 7 Pillowed will amuse everyone in the house with its stimulating solutions, even those who are not usually fascinated by puzzles.

The V-CUBE 7 Pillowed Magic Cube can offer you a degree of relaxation. The design of the magic cube is set to prevent module dropping and clashing during rotation, good corner cutting, great stability and excellent control of the operation. In addition, it has a spring built in, which makes this puzzle more flexible and better hand feel.

3. CuberSpeed YJ Yufu v2 M 7X7 Magnetic stickerless Speed Cube

The YJ YuFu 7×7 M is an entry-level magnetic 7×7 that performs comparably with premium imported high-end cubes of similar size. It features a magnetic core and high-performance stickers. The magnets are aligned following the standard pattern for this type of puzzle.

Yufu M is the latest magnetized version of the YJ Yufu. The magnets have been strategically distributed to give you a smooth-spinning, stable, fast-turning speed cube. But it also still feels good on your fingers, making this a great all-around cube at an affordable price.

4. GAN Skewb, 8 Magnets Speed Cube Gans Cube Magic Cube Puzzle Cube Toy

It’s time for some skew fun. This Gans Skewb is lightweight, portable, and a scant 79 grams. It features built-in magnets that align the pieces when placing them on the cube face, so there’s virtually no chance of misplacing them. The large turning radius lets you easily speed through advanced moves, while small maneuvers are easy to perform, thanks to just two possible corner types per side.

A revolutionary advancement by GAN is here. The newest core positioning system creates an unbreakable bond between the core and other cubes. It allows for better alignment and a smoother turning experience. This speed cube is perfect for those seeking a smooth playing cube with no bumps or resistance in the turns.

5. BestCube 7×7 Cube Stickerless Qixing 7x7x7 Speed Cube Puzzle Gifts Toys

BestCube 7x7 Cube Stickerless

This cube features an interesting piece that can be paired with other cubes—an excellent gift for birthdays, Christmas, and more. The ideal speed cube for beginners and advanced players alike, the Qixing S 7×7 is an excellent choice for solving the layer color puzzle or making a good gift for your friends or family.

The BESTcube-7x7x7 Spherical Speed Cube is an outstanding puzzle 2 in one: a combination of speed cube and a classic brain game! It’s designed to be taken apart and reassembled quickly in just a matter of seconds. It will improve your patience and dexterity and enhance your mental skills.

The BESTcube is manufactured using today’s best material and the most precision cutting process. Every detail on this speed cube has been precisely calculated so that you can enjoy playing with it at its full potential.

6. CuberSpeed qiyi qixing s2 7×7 Stickerless Speed Cube QiXing S2 7×7

Cuber Speed qiyi qixing s2 7x7 Stickerless Speed Cube QiXing S2 7x7

The QiYi QiXing S 7×7 is a great new entry-level 7×7 that has just hit the market. Made from eco-friendly ABS plastic, it is surprisingly stable, durable, and smooth for a budget 7×7. It comes with color-coded bumpers and pre-installed stickers for an extra-long shelf life.

The QiXing S2 7×7 is expected to make the 7×7 puzzle event more accessible to all speedcubers of all ages. It is compact and lightweight yet supremely stable in performance. Compared with other puzzles, this cube has a unique design, excellent quality, and reasonable price. The puzzle’s surface is smooth, so it has better corner cutting.

7. LiangCuber Yongjun Yufu V2 M 7×7 Speed Cube YongJun YJ YuFu 2M 7x7x7

The Magnetic features make it much easier to solve while retaining the solid magnetic feel and control of the original YuFu 7×7. This cube is ideal for beginners or cubers looking for a budget-friendly choice with excellent performance. The YJ YuFu 7×7 V2 M might be just what you’re looking for!

LiangCuber Yongjun Yufu V2 M 7×7 Speed Cube YongJun YJ YuFu 2M 7x7x7 is specially designed for cubers. Precise magnetic positioning Carefully adjusts the magnetic force and elastic force and matches the magnet slot so that 144 strong magnets can be accurately positioned at the inner core stress point, the overall distribution is even, and the hand feels light and comfortable.

8. Cuberspeed YJ MGC 7×7 M stickerless Speed Cube MGC Magnetic 7x7x7 Cube Puzzle

YJ MGC 7×7 M stickerless Speed Cube is a magnetic flagship 7×7 from YJ. With great turning and performance, this cube has everything you need in a high-end 7×7. You need this cube if you are looking for one of the best 7x7s.

The MGC name has come to represent value above all else, and this 7X7 is no exception. It is affordable without sacrificing quality and made from lightweight yet strong plastic. Each piece has been engineered to be evenly weighted, resulting from the same material throughout, it is an absolute joy to solve.

9. 4 Pieces Stickerless Speed Cube Set 4×4 5×5 6×6 7×7 Stickerless Speed Cube

Stickerless Speed Cube Set: you will receive 4 pieces of stickerless speed cube for you to choose from. It is an excellent gift for your children, friends, families and classmates who like twisty puzzles and require a lot of patience and practice. These speed cubes are perfect and durable, they can help improve the motor skill of your kids.

Our 4PCS set is a high-quality speed cube. The cube boasts a comfortable, premium feel, and its vivid color scheme will make this a favorite for any puzzler! Great for beginners and experts alike! This color-changing solid stickerless speed cube is for 4×4, 5×5, 6×6, 7×7 players.

10. Cuberspeed MoYu AoFu WR M Stickerless 7×7 Speed Cube Puzzle

Looking for a 7×7 speed cube? The MoYu AoFu WR M is a perfect choice. This cube comes with an adjustable and magnetic design, making it one of the market’s most stable modern 7×7 sets. The AoFu WR M is ready to take on any challenge you throw its way.

The MoYu AoFu WR M is a magnetic, adjustable flagship 7×7 from MoYu. Its unique design makes it more stable than any other 7×7 on the market. This is a must-have speed cube for any enthusiast looking for their next 7×7.

How To Choose The Best 7×7 Cube

7x7 Cube

Unfortunately, there aren’t many 7×7 choices, so I won’t be able to go into great here, but the essential characteristics of a good speed cube are:


Generally, the less popping and locking in a cube, the faster it will be. Your problem-solving times will increase in difficulty if it locks on you. But, certain puzzlers’ approaches cause them to be more likely to pop on particular cubes. The MoYu 77 pillowed variant, the smoothest cube on this list, is a safe bet.


When purchasing these very engaging puzzles, you must be mindful of your financial constraints. If you’re on a tighter budget, buying a ShengShou instead of a MoYu could gain you two or three extra riddles (depending on the size).

In or out of stickers

New regulations permit stickerless puzzles to be used in competition, and as a result, these visually appealing puzzles are gaining popularity. Stickerless, long-lasting puzzles that won’t fade over time and can be wiped clean with a damp cloth are a personal favorite of mine.


Since everyone’s hands are slightly different sizes, a square 77 can significantly improve over a pillowed one. If you have smaller hands and find it difficult to manipulate a standard-sized 7×7 cube, you may want to check out ShengShou’s micro 7×7 cube.
A Study of the 77

At the end of each cube review I write, I include some additional details about the cube in question. Let’s discuss the 7×7’s origins, the best places to learn how to solve it, and some interesting trivia and current world records.

The Evolution of the 7x7x7 Cube

Similar to the 55 cubes, Verdes Innovations held the patent on the V Cube 7 for some time; no other manufacturer could mass-produce this size cube until quite recently. Since the V Cube had terrible performance and was also quite pricey, this was very distressing to the speedcubing and puzzling groups. Since rivals like MoYu and ShengShou now produce 7×7 cubes, V Cube has lost almost all its market share.

An Answer to the 77

The 7×7 is quite sizable, with 218 cubes. Another point against V Cube is that it is the only cube size that does not prohibit the usage of a pillow. There are 1.9510160 potential permutations, thanks to the 77’s infinitely combinable components and arrangements; this is much too many for us to spell out in full.

The 77 puzzles can be solved by first clustering the centers of the squares into groups of the same hue, and then clustering the edges. Once resolved, the cube can be solved using a 33 algorithm. In addition, parity constraints make the 77 difficult to solve, necessitating specialized methods. I’ve provided a video and a written resource so you can pick the best one for your learning style from the ones I used to solve my 7×7.

Most of these guides will presume you already know how to solve a 33, 44, 55, etc. cube because the steps build upon one another. Since most people in the market for a 77 already have a 33 and often all preceding cube sizes, I think it’s safe to make this assumption.

77 Records Set Throughout The Globe

The 77 reviews of world records has finally arrived, and it does not disappoint. Would you be surprised if I told you that Feliks Zemdegs held the world record for both the single and the average of 3 solves? Well, because he does! He currently owns the records for the single and the three-person average at 2 minutes, 23.55 seconds, and 2 minutes, 30.14 seconds, respectively. Both of these records were established by him in 2015 in separate contests.

Frequently Asked The Question

What is the fastest 7×7 cube?

Max Park (USA) solved a 7x7x7 rotating puzzle cube in 1 minute 35.68 seconds by Max Park (USA) at the Marshall Cubing September 2022 event on September 24, 2022, in San Diego, California, USA. At the same competition, Max beat the 7x7x7 average and tied for the 3x3x3 average.

What is the best cube for Speedcubing?

The MoYu RS3M Maglev is the ideal alternative for beginners to speedcubing because of its balance of adaptability, quality, and pricing, as determined by consulting experts and spending considerable time investigating and solving 14 various cubes.

What is the easiest cube ever?

The nine-block Floppy Cube is the first step toward mastering a classic Rubik’s cube. The average time it takes a smooth mover to decipher it after it has been jumbled is eight clicks. With only 192 different color permutations, even the most haphazard guessers will get there.

What is the most hard cube to solve?

Many consider it to be among the trickiest Rubik’s cubes out there. This massive 12-sided puzzle is not for the faint of heart. Your brain cells will appreciate the 7-layer massage. An extremely challenging Rubik’s cube, this is one of the best puzzles money can buy.

Are gan cubes worth it?

The best thing ever, and great for novices like me and other cubers. My best time on the Gan cube was 56 seconds, and on my first try, I shaved off 11 seconds. I just learned how to solve a cube two weeks ago, and with the Gan, I know I can smash my previous best time of 51 seconds.


There are multiple cube options if you’re looking for a new puzzle, whether you’re a beginner or an expert. With many options to choose from and better technology being used in the sevens of today, it’s easy to lose yourself in this addicting hobby. The best thing about cubes is that no matter how advanced you are, there will always be something to learn or new tricks to try, so grab a cube and start solving!

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