Best Fidget Spinner Bearing For Fast Long Spins

Are you looking for the best fidget spinner bearing? If so, you’ve come to the right place! This article will discuss the different types of bearings available, their pros and cons, and which is the best for your needs. We’ll also explore the science behind fidget spinners and how bearings can make a big difference in performance.

So, if you’re looking for the best fidget spinner bearing, read on to find out more. Buying the best ball bearing is the most significant upgrade you can have on your fidget spinner kit. It doesn’t involve whether or not you have the most advanced spinner ever made, but rather if the bearings can spin fast and smoothly. Having better bearings will provide more benefits than having a smooth operation.

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What Is A Fidget Spinner Bearing?

A bearing is a mechanical device that supports and reduces motion friction between two parts. In the case of fidget spinners, bearings are essential components that allow the spinner to rotate smoothly and quickly. Bearings come in different types and sizes, from miniature bearings for small spinners to larger ones for heavier spinners.

The type of bearing used will depend on the size and design of the spinner as well as its purpose. The main types of bearings used in fidget spinners are ball bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, tapered roller bearings, needle bearings, and thrust ball bearings. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages depending on the intended use of the spinner.

Ball bearings are generally cheaper than other types but can be noisy when spinning at high speeds. Cylindrical roller bearings offer good performance but are more expensive than ball bearings. Tapered roller bearings provide better performance in speed and durability, but they require more maintenance due to their complex design. Needle bearings offer good performance but have a shorter lifespan than other types.

Thrust ball bearings provide good stability when spinning at high speeds but require more lubrication than other types. In general, choosing a bearing that is suitable for the intended purpose and is designed for long-term use without requiring too much maintenance or lubrication is essential. The correct bearing choice can make all the difference between an enjoyable experience with your fidget spinner or one filled with frustration due to poor performance or frequent breakdowns.

Best Fidget Spinner Bearing Reviews In 2023

1. Antrader 10Pcs 608 Steel Ball Bearing 8mm x 22mm x 7mm

Best Fidget Spinner Bearing

This 10pcs 608 Ceramic Bearing, open type design unsealed ball bearing is made of high-quality material, durable, and has an extended use life. It can provide better performance than ordinary bearings. You will feel more comfortable using this spinner bearing because it is not heavy, easy to carry, and soft rolling.

These ball bearings are made of high-quality ceramic and high-purity iron, which gives the bearing a very good corrosion resistance. They also have low contact friction and a very special performance in high speed and lower noise.

Enjoy the thrill of spinning with our 10pcs 608 Steel Ball Bearing 8mm x 22mm x 7mm High Precision Rating Fidget Spinner Bearing. This set includes ten ball bearings, which can fit all kinds of fidget and high-performance fidget spinners. The transparent shell is easy to see the inner structure, and high-speed performance can also be observed at a glance.

This 608-deep groove ball bearing is a single-row bearing that supports radial loads, is made with Chromium Steel, and provides superior quality and durability. These ball bearings are designed for journals, spindles, crankshafts, and gears. When required, they can be sealed with a rubber seal or metal shields on both sides.

2. Fidget Spinner Bearing, 608 Open, Chrome Steel Bearing Balls, 8x22x7

Best Fidget Spinner Bearing

These fidget spinner ball bearings are high quality and come in various colors, sizes, and styles. The fidget spinner bearings are made with heavy-duty material that lasts long. These 608 Ceramic Bearing Spinner Friendly Replacement 608 Steel Bearings can be played with as they’re smooth and quiet, so you can use them to play your fidget spinners without worrying about distracting others! They are double-shielded, so you can be confident there will be no issues with friction or precision.

The bearings help reduce friction and increase the spinner’s spin time. They are made of durable 608 open bearings, the most common standard bearings in the market. The bearing has a center that allows it to do so.

The bearings help reduce friction and increase the spinner’s spin time. They are made of durable 608 open bearings, the most common standard bearings in the market. The bearing has a center that allows it to do so.

Our High-Quality Chrome Steel 608 Bearing Spinner Ball Kit is designed to provide a very affordable, high-performing spinner. These balls are 4x times more complex than most other Fidget Spinner Balls on Amazon. These are not your average bearing; industrial-grade center-bearing balls are built from quality material.

3. Fidget Spinner Bearing and Cap Replacement Set

Best Fidget Spinner Bearing

This package includes 16pcs MR137 precision high-speed ball bearing with blue plastic seals and 16 ball bearing caps in black color (diameter: approx. 13mm, external diameter: approx. 8.5mm, thickness: approx 4mm). These bearings are made of Chrome Steel Alloy Material, Made in Japan, and High Speed rated. They are suitable for Fidget Spinner toy top and bottom spinner bearings. Each bearing has an inner diameter (ID) of 1.5 mm and an outer diameter (OD) of 3 mm.

Our new chrome steel bearing balls are made of high-quality alloy and plated with chrome. The material of the balls is a high quality 6082; it is not as standard as 608 but is superior to 608. Therefore the durability is much higher than 608. These bearings have a tighter tolerance bore, accommodating better precision ball races and reducing friction.

Our premium Fidget Spinner Bearing comes with 16 high-quality stainless steel and plastic balls, allowing for smoother and faster spin times. With machine-polished races, this bearing provides a more durable product to maximize your fidgeting experience. Additionally, this product is backed by our lifetime warranty to add an extra layer of security for your purchase.

Caps made with ABS plastic are lightweight but durable. They are compatible with MR137 bearings. This bearing set can be used in various applications, including fidget spinner creation, replacement, and DIY projects. They can also be used to easily and quickly change out the bearings within your fidget spinners.

4. Pack Fidget Spinner Bearing and Cap Replacement Set

This is a high-quality replacement bearing set for fidget spinners. This pack comes inside an aluminum case, allowing you to store your bearings easily and travel with them. The bearings are made of Chrome Steel which is extremely strong and durable and will last you a long time before needing a replacement.

This bearing kit is suitable for a wide range of applications. It is built to last and can handle your project’s intense speed or torque requirements. The bearing is made of high-quality chrome steel and plastic to ensure durability and resistance against deformity under heavy loads. Inner and outer races are machine polished for smooth, high-speed rolling. This bearing provides higher speeds, precision, and durability, reducing replacement and maintenance costs.

This high-quality fidget spinner bearing pack contains 13mmx7mmx4mm bearings, which are sealed on one side to protect against contaminants like dust, water the apparatus, and retain lubrication. These bearings have stainless steel races ensuring toughness when exposed to environmental factors and corrosion resistance—single-row radial ball bearings for applications that support radial and axial loads.

5. R188 Open Deep Groove Ball Bearing

The R188 Open Deep Groove Ball Bearing is a high-quality bearing commonly found in fidget spinners. These are constructed from hardened steel and are very durable. They have high load capacity, which means they can handle heavy loads for a long time. The dimensions of these bearings are 1/4″mmx1/2″mmx3/16″mm, perfect for a fidget spinner and any other application that requires larger bearings. Each package includes three bearings!

R188 open deep groove ball bearings are the open type for easy lubricating, and it is designed to be used as a thrust and radial bearing. It is suitable for heavy-duty applications operating at high speeds. The material of this bearing uses a 440C polished stainless body, 840C double lip needle roller bearing steel cage, FZG2 bronze liner, and a solid steel spindle.

The Deep Groove High Speed Ball Bearings is suitable for DIY Your Fidget Spinner Toys. This ball bearings are high speed, low friction, long time bear and save power. The performance of this ball bearing is very good so that it can be used as a street stock racing bearings.

6. Bearing in a Bearing Fidget Hand Spinner Toy Bearings Kit

These bearings are made of high quality materials. It has a good spin effect and is easy to operate. The bearing is made with ceramic ZrO2 balls, giving you the smoothest spin possible. “Bearing in a Bearing” Fidget Hand Spinner Toy 4 Bearings Kit + Caps Outside Diameter 95mm Bearing in a Bearing Fidget Hand Spinner Toy.

It spins smoothly, quietly and FAST. Nothing can be better than this soothing, distracting toy for fidgeters! Item: Bearing in a Bearing Fidget Hand Spinner Toy Quantity: One Set (4 balls bearings + caps).

This Bearings Fidget Spinner is a great way to eliminate anxiety and help you focus. This toy helps relieve stress, promote focus, relieve boredom and make you happy.You’ll feel more focused and productive at work.It comes with Black Box with lid, six bearings and one high speed bearing in it.

7. Donepart 20 Pcs Skateboard Bearings 608 ZZ C3 High Speed Double Shielded Ball

Best Fidget Spinner Bearing

The 608 v2 skateboard bearing is significant for skateboards, longboards, and rollerblades. It’s also great for fidget spinners and kids’ toys like scooters. The 608 v2 bearing is the most common skateboard bearing available, with 80% of all skateboards using this site.

These bearings are excellent for fidget spinners and skateboards. They are machine-cut and rolled with tight tolerances to provide a smooth, long-lasting spin. The bearing is housed in stainless steel shields and has solid races to prevent dirt or water from contaminating it, giving you less maintenance time throughout its lifetime.

The bearings have a low-friction ABEC-7 ball bearing and an innovative cage design. The outer part of the bearing is made of a heat-resistant stainless steel alloy, which can reduce the friction between the ball and the inner ring and reduce heat generated in the process (reducing oxidation). The inner ring is fitted with two rolling elements and two cages.

8. Ceramic Hybrid Bearing

Best Fidget Spinner Bearing

Complete with ceramic hybrid bearings and lubricant-free; the 608 Hybrid Ceramic Bearing offers the most stable performance for all types of skateboards. With 6 ZrO2 or Si3N4 balls, it is designed to last long and perform consistently.

Our Ceramic Hybrid Bearing uses ZrO2 balls and Si3N4 balls. ZrO2 has a high strength, low coefficient of friction and self-lubrication. The Si3N4 balls are black and designed to withstand higher temperatures. Together these features provide superior performance and durability.

A hybrid ceramic bearing combines ceramic and steel balls in the bearing to provide a smoother, quieter spin while maintaining the advantages of steel. Based on experimental data, a hybrid ceramic bearing is more durable than a standard ceramic bearing.

9. Fidget spinner bearings 16pc

Best Fidget Spinner Bearing

The fidget spinner bearings 16pc is made with high quality ceramic bearings in a mirrored plated finish. These are silky smooth ceramic and metal hybrid 608, 625 skateboard bearings made from silicon nitride ceramic balls with steel races and retainers. This makes for a smooth fidgeting experience as you pull them out of the box and for many months.

The 608 deep groove ball bearing is a single-row bearing that supports radial loads—made with Chromium Steel providing superior quality and durability. These bearings are one of the most popular bearings on the market with a wide application range, including industrial machinery, construction equipment and automobiles.

Suitable to use in skateboards, longboards, inline skate, scooters, tri-spinner fidget toy hand spinner and more. Our bearings are manufactured to the highest specification and components will last a very long under normal riding conditions. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

10. Bearings 608zz 8x22mm Skate Metric Ball Bearings Fidget Spinner

This set of 10 bearings will fit most fidget spinners. They have a large inner diameter of 8mm and an outer diameter of 22mm, which is the industry standard. They are made out of steel, so they are very durable! These bearings are ready to use straight out of the packaging.

These bearings have pre-installed shields and are ready to use immediately. They are provided in sets of 4, each bearing measuring 5x10x4mm (inner diameter by outer diameter by width). They can be used individually or paired together for different spinner diameters. Your spinner will fly longer with these bearings.

Rollerblade bearings are used in inline skates, skateboards, scooters and other recreational equipment. They’re also used in a wide range of industrial applications. These bearings feature 6208ZR high performance bearings with low-friction ZROVPEBA 5 ball or steel cage needle roller bearings.

What To Consider When Choosing The Best Fidget Spinner Bearing

Fidget Spinner Bearing


characterized by low cost, widespread availability, and a typical presence in low-priced fidget spinners. Chrome steel, stainless steel, or carbon alloy steel are the metals that can be used to make the bearings. This particular type of bearing offers satisfactory spin times. However, because steel is not very good at removing heat, using it could result in slower speeds. Steel bearings may tend to rust depending on the substance that the bearings are produced from.

Hybrid Ceramic

The races are composed of stainless steel; black ball bearings produced from silicon nitride (Si3N4) or white ball bearings made from zirconium dioxide are housed inside (ZrO2). The balls are often contained within a nylon or stainless steel cage. Ceramics provides superior protection against heat and corrosion compared to stainless steel, the material from which the balls are manufactured.

Because they provide the most extended spin periods, black balls are generally considered to be the superior option for use in fidget spinners. The cost of steel ball bearings is lower than that of hybrid ceramic ball bearings. These bearings for your fidget spinner are of the highest quality that can be purchased.

Full Ceramic

A whole ceramic ball bearing is one in which all the components are ceramic (races, balls, cages). Because of this quality, it is the most delicate of the three varieties. In addition to this, when it spins, it makes more noise and transfers more vibration, which leads to improved tactile feedback.

Although it does not spin for as long as a hybrid ceramic does, this type is preferred by certain people owing to the feeling of spinning it provides. Because users flick their spinners at random intervals, some prefer shorter spin times to longer ones. This particular type of ball bearing also happens to be the most expensive.


Shields are essentially covers placed over the balls to protect them from getting dirty. They are made of rubber or plastic, which enables them to be removed without much effort.

If the bearing’s name begins with “ZZ,” it indicates that it has a shield that cannot be removed and is hence sealed. When a shield is not removable, cleaning the bearing or removing any oil or lubricants that often come packaged with new bearings can be challenging. Shields are used to protecting bearings from dust and debris.

Lubricants are not the best choice for fidget spinners since they cause friction, reducing the time the toy can spin. Because of the negative impact that shields can have on spin times, open-style designs are preferred for fidget spinners.

Different Size Fidget Spinner Bearings

Fidget spinners come in different shapes and sizes, and depending on the type of spinner you purchase, it may include different types of bearings. The most common fidget spinner bearing is a ball bearing composed of two concentric rings containing rolling balls. These are durable and can be used to create various spinning motions.

Additionally, ceramic bearings are becoming increasingly popular among spinners due to their lighter weight, smoother motion, and longer spin times. Finally, hybrid bearings combine elements from both ball bearings and ceramic bearings for an even smoother spinning experience.

Several factors must be considered when choosing the right size bearing for your spinner. For example, the size of the bearing itself will determine how much weight it can hold when used in a spinner.

More oversized bearings are better suited for heavier spinners, while smaller ones may work better with lightweight models. Additionally, more oversized bearings tend to produce more torque than smaller ones, so they may be better suited for some tricks or tricks that require more power from the user’s hand.

The size of a bearing also affects its spin time performance; larger ones tend to provide longer spins than smaller ones. The bigger diameter increases friction between the spinning blades and the bearing, generating more kinetic energy during each rotation. Additionally, as more oversized bearings have a greater capacity to hold more weight, they generate more torque, increasing their spin time even further than smaller models.

Frequently Asked The Question

What Ball Bearings Do Fidget Spinners Use?

The “size” of the bearings used in fidget spinners is typically a 608, with some exceptions. The actual measurements of a 608 bearing are a total diameter of 22 millimeters, a bore size of 8 millimeters, and a breadth of 7 millimeters. The great majority of plastic fidget spinners that are now available to buy — or that you can 3D print yourself — are designed to accommodate 608 bearings for the spinners.

What Is The Fastest Spinning Bearing?

Belgian researchers have invented the world’s quickest air bearings for various industries and applications, including the food sector and electric vehicles. A group of researchers from the University of Leuven in Belgium has developed a shaft capable of rotating at 1.2 million times per minute. This is 133 times faster than the maximum rpm achieved by a Ferrari 458 Italia.

Do Better Bearings Make You Go Faster?

It is not true that using a bearing with a higher rating will make you “move quicker,” but its quality impacts how well it rolls. The roll-out refers to the time that passes after you push off before your wheels stop spinning. If you have better bearings, they will keep you rolling for longer, allowing you to cover the same amount of ground with less effort.

What Is A Disadvantage Of Ceramic Bearings?

They can function without lubrication, have a small coefficient of thermal expansion, typically have a low density, and are non-magnetic. Unfortunately, they are costly, have limited load capacities, are susceptible to thermal shock, and are challenging to get a good quality surface finish on. In addition, they are sensitive to thermal shock.

What Is The Best Bearings For Fidget Spinner?

Complete Ceramic makes the best bearings for fidget spinners, which can be found here. Both the balls and the races in these bearings are made of ceramic. Ceramics is more lightweight, has less rolling resistance, and will assist in maximizing the amount of time the average spinner can spin.


It’s hard to explain how much I love fidget spinners. More specifically, how much they have changed my life. Fidget spinners are fun and exciting but they can also be used as a positive and productive behavior tool, an essential classroom aid, and a valuable tool in the fight against ADD/ADHD. Fidgets are especially good for kids in high-stress environments like schools who can’t sit still and help them concentrate while they distract themselves on the move

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