Top 5 Best Rubik’s Cube Timer 2023

Rubik’s cube timers are essential devices for the cuber. It is a device that measures the timing of Rubik’s cube solving and memorizes the average solving time of its user. Several different methods have been used to solve the Rubik’s cube, but one factor remains constant: to solve Rubik’s cube as fast as possible. There is an official organization that recognizes the fastest cube solver or scrambler in the world, and it is known as World Cube Association (WCA).

Timers are something we all need when we solve the Rubik’s cube. It is something that many of us who have been cubing for years forget about. As for me, I have a timer built into my smartphone that does it all for me. But this article is not about how to time on your phone it is about what makes the best Rubik’s cube timer, so let us get to the list of top 5 Rubik’s cube timers now.

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Best Rubik’s Cube Timer Reviews

1. Insuwun Professional Cube Timer Clock Machine

Our timer is made of high quality environmentally friendly ABS material. The sensor copper sheet in the hands area provides sensitive touch control and will not let your fingers slip from it. ,It does not require any maintenance or cleaning, and you can use it for a long time!

Cube timer is an excellent timer for children or adult game timing tools. It is a cube-shaped timer, which uses the same push button to start and stop the clock. The black cube will turn into one color of lights at the end of 10 seconds. This tool has many applications, including pushing your limits and fostering confidence in your abilities.

Equipped with 2.5mm external port can be linked to significant brand displays; better than other products that only have the display board or 1.8mm interface, this product is more suitable for all kinds of competition playing equipment, such as hall time and speed cup timer systems.

2. SOARING Speed Timer for Professional Athletics,Touch Control Timer with Display

Speed Timer is a professional timer for athletics. The sensor provides sensitive hand touch control, which allows you to perform sophisticated operations and enjoy your game. The innovative design of automatic score calculation allows you to see the progress at a glance when you are playing. Help you to improve your speed.

SORING Speed Timer is specially designed for professional athletes and can display elapsed time on main screen. It supports real-time measurement functions and a new high-sensitivity trigger system. Equipped with 2.5mm external interface, which can be connected to significant brand monitors.

The design of the timer is carefully polished. There are 6 anti-slip pads on the back, which not only increases the stability of the timer but also makes it easy to pick up and put down.

3. T-mark Speed Cube Timer with Connecting Wire, Touch Control Timer with Display

The T-mark speed timer provides sensitive hand touch control and automatically calculates the score, so that your progress can be seen at a glance. It has an innovative design that offers reliable material, while maintaining a comfortable sensation. You can use it to measure your speed stack times, or leisurely compete against yourself.

The T-mark Speed Cube Timer is designed to help players compete with their friends and improve their speed cubing skills. It comes with a large screen that you can use to see the time. The professional race timer also features a 2.5mm external port to connect to major brand monitors and the Mobile DC Timer app so you can share your good grades anytime and anywhere.

This timer is designed for you to be more relaxed when playing the puzzle. There are 2 anti-slip card slots and 6 anti-slip feet on the back, which can fix the timer position and prevent the offset from affecting the game. You will be happier when you play the puzzle with this competitive timer.

4. Peed Cube Timer, Professional rubies Cube Timer Clock

The Peed Cube Timer is a great way to time yourself and your friends. The sensor copper plate of the competitive timer provides sensitive hand touch control and has added an innovative design that automatically calculates the score. Automatic Calculation: It has added an innovative design that automatically calculates the score.

The Peed Cube Timer is a versatile, easy-to-use casual and competitive cube solver. It has a 2.5mm external port to connect major brand monitors and the Mobile DCTimer app (Android/iOS). Charging capabilities are provided through a separate micro USB power cord. This timer is perfect for your next competition or to beat your best time.

The Peed Cube Timer is made of high-quality ABS, wear-resistant and sturdy. It has a simple, classic design that is easy to understand. The timer suits students, elderly people, and others who want to play puzzle cubes and improve concentration.

5. STWP Speed Timer,Touch Control Timer, Professional Timer Machine with Display

The Cube timer has built-in copper sensor, which provides compassionate hand touch control. Automatic calculation grade design helps you know your progress in time, is practical, and convenient. Please refer to the user manual for detailed information.

Speed Timer is the perfect tool to help you track time. WiThe 3 touch buttonot only sets the timer but also resets the time, so it can be used as a memory function that can remember time settings. It retains previous time settings even after the timer has been powered off.

This is an ideal time to play the speed timer. Six non-slip pads are correctly distributed on the bottom, making the speed timer machine challenging to slip. With this speed timer, you will have more fun playing cube or racing.

When Do You Use A Rubik’s Cube Clock?

With a Rubik’s cube timer, you can measure your speed at solving Rubik’s cubes and other similar puzzles, such as the 12-axis Dodecahedron.You can increase your solving speed and algorithmic efficiency with a cubing timer, specifically made for use in professional speedcubing competitions.

The World Cube Association uses timers and mats to ensure that all official competitions are run fairly and consistently. You may monitor your progress and average speeds over time with the help of a cube timer, which compiles and analyzes various data and statistics.

The timer on a Rubik’s cube typically starts when you start solving the problem from a scrambled state and stops when you finish. You can use a cube timer or mat for various purposes, such as ranking players following rules, monitoring development as you train, or simulating the pressures of real competition. A Rubik’s cube timer can also be used to measure times for other mechanical puzzles.

To what end do cube timers serve?

Psychological and intelligence tests generally have time constraints. To make a fair evaluation of a test taker’s skills, psychologists take the amount of time it takes them to complete the test into account.

For example, the capacity to perceive patterns may be tested on IQ exams. These pattern recognition tests and other intelligence tests are used to calculate a person’s IQ. Since Rubik’s cube is also a cognitive problem, the same criteria rank speed solvers.

Standardized timing is used to rank participants and assess their skills in the game. Users can also use the built-in timers to monitor their performance and skill growth during practice.

Frequently Asked The Question

Is solving a Rubik’s cube in 1-minute good?

Yes, it’s great. My fastest attempt is 59 seconds. I worked hard to get there. Given that you are a beginner, I can say with certainty that you are good because you solved it in almost a minute.

How long does it take an average person to solve a Rubik’s cube?

A speedcuber may solve a Rubik’s cube in as little as seven seconds, compared to the typical person’s three hours. As the name implies, speedcubing is a sport in which contestants solve, most typically, the 3x3x3 Rubik’s Cube as quickly as possible.

What percentage of people can solve Rubix cube?

One of the best-selling toys of all time, Rubik’s Cubes are not only challenging and fun but also suitable for you in many ways. After trying it a few times, many individuals put the unsolved cube on a shelf. Only 5.8% of people, according to On The Clock, successfully solve this challenge.


The best Rubik’s cube timers are seen as the essential gear of severe speedcubers, and vary in price from affordable to not-so-affordable. Because these cubes are used for competitions, they also assist in keeping things honest. Remember to check the rules before you play, though, as each organization has its own rules.

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