How to Make a Fidget Toy

Making a fidget toy can be an exciting and rewarding experience. Whether you’re looking to make something special for a child in your life or just want to have some fun crafting, this is a project that anyone can enjoy. Fidget toys offer relief from stress and boredom and are an engaging way to pass the time. With some basic supplies and a few simple steps, you can create a unique fidget toy that’s perfect for adults and kids! This article will cover all the steps necessary to make your creative fidget toy.

How to Make a Fidget Toy Step by Step

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Fidget toys are simple devices that can help relieve stress and anxiety. They can also help improve focus and concentration. I will show you how to make a simple fidget toy using everyday materials in this guide.

  • Fidget Spinner
  • Fidget Cube
  • Fidget Pen
  • Fidget Chain
  • Fidget Stress Ball
  • Fidget Bead Maze
  • Fidget Beacelate
  • Fidget Ball
  • Fidget Slinky
  • Fidget Paperclip Chain
  • Fidget Spinning Top

Here is step by step instructions for each of the ten fidget toy making ideas:

1. Fidget Spinner:

  • Cut out a circular piece of cardboard with a diameter of about 3 inches.
  • Draw a small circle in the center of the cardboard with a diameter of about 0.5 inches and cut it out using scissors.
  • Place a ball bearing in the center hole. You can purchase ball bearings at a hardware store or online.
  • Cut three equal length pieces of straw, each about 3 inches long.
  • Attach one end of each straw to the center bearing by wrapping tape around the bearing and the straw.
  • Tape the other end of each straw to the cardboard circle, making sure that the straws are evenly spaced apart.
  • Your fidget spinner is now ready to use! Hold the center bearing and spin the spinner.

2. Fidget Cube:

  • Cut six small squares of cardboard, each about 2 inches by 2 inches.
  • Use glue or tape to attach a different fidget toy to each side of the squares. Some ideas for fidget toys include a button, a switch, a dial, a roller, a slider, and a spinny toy.
  • Glue the squares together to form a cube, making sure that each side is flush with the others.
  • Your fidget cube is now ready to use! Play with the different fidget toys on each side.

3. Fidget Pen:

  • Find a pen with a removable cap.
  • Cut a small piece of foam or rubber, about 0.5 inches by 0.5 inches, and insert it inside the cap.
  • Replace the cap on the pen.
  • Your fidget pen is now ready to use! Click the cap to play with the foam or rubber inside.

4. Fidget Chain:

  • Cut several small pieces of chain or string, each about 3 inches long.
  • Tie one end of each piece to a keyring using a knot.
  • Connect the keyrings together to form a chain.
  • Your fidget chain is now ready to use! Play with the different links and rings.

5. Fidget Stress Ball:

  • Gather a balloon, flour or sand, and a funnel.
  • Stretch the balloon over the end of the funnel.
  • Pour the flour or sand into the balloon through the funnel.
  • Fill the balloon with as much or as little flour or sand as you like.
  • When you have the desired amount, carefully remove the balloon from the funnel.
  • Tie a knot at the end of the balloon to secure the contents inside.

6. Fidget Bead Maze:

  • Gather a cardboard box, scissors, string, and beads.
  • Cut a piece of cardboard to fit inside the box, leaving a border around the edges.
  • Cut slits in the cardboard where you want the string to go.
  • Cut a string length for each slit and thread a bead onto each end.
  • Tie the strings to the slits in the cardboard and place the cardboard inside the box.
  • The beads should now be able to move along the strings.

7. Fidget Bracelet:

  • Cut a length of elastic cord, about 8 inches long.
  • Thread small beads, bells, or other small items onto the cord.
  • Knot the ends of the cord together to form a bracelet.
  • Your fidget bracelet is now ready to wear and play with!

8. Fidget Ball:

  • Cut a small piece of foam or rubber into a ball shape, about 1 inch in diameter.
  • Place a small, lightweight object such as a marble or bead inside the ball.
  • Seal the ball by wrapping it in tape or gluing it shut.
  • Your fidget ball is now ready to use! Squeeze, roll, and play with the ball.

9. Fidget Slinky:

  • Cut a length of wire or spring, about 6 inches long.
  • Attach a ring or loop to each end of the wire using pliers.
  • Stretch and play with the wire.
  • Your fidget slinky is now ready to use.
  • Release one end of the spring to watch it uncoil and “walk” downstairs or across the floor.

10. Fidget Paperclip Chain:

  • Gather a handful of paper clips.
  • Open the first paperclip and hook it to another paperclip.
  • Repeat the process to create a chain of paper clips.
  • You can make the chain as long as you want. Just keep hooking paper clips together.

11. Fidget Spinning Top:

  • Gather a cork and a pencil.
  • Cut the cork into a triangular shape.
  • Balance the cork on the eraser end of the pencil.
  • Give the cork a spin to see it spin like a top.
  • You can also try different shapes and sizes of corks to see which works best as a spinning top.

Have fun making and playing with your fidget toys!

Tips For Improving Your Fidget Toy Design

How to make a fidget toy
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Adding features to your fidget toy design can make it more interesting and engaging for users. Here are some ideas for improving the design of your fidget toy: 

  • Incorporate textures: Various textures on different parts of the toy can add an extra sensory experience. For example, you could use rubber bumpers, fabric patches, or even furry pieces. 
  • Add a feature that requires skill: Adding a feature that requires skill will keep the user engaged with their fidget toy. For example, you could include a movable lever that requires skillful manipulation to move certain parts around. 
  • Give it a unique shape: Making the fidget toy in an unusual shape will give it a unique look and feel. Instead of sticking to traditional circles and rectangles, you could opt for something like a star or square shape. 
  • Use bright colors: Bright colors such as yellow, pink, and green can help attract attention and make your fidget toy stand out from the rest. 
  • Include light-up features: Adding light-up features such as LED lights can create an eye-catching effect when interacting with your fidget toy. 

By incorporating these ideas into your design, you’ll be able to create a fun and engaging fidget toy that will have users coming back for more!


Making a fidget toy is a fun and creative way to get creative while also providing an excellent opportunity to pass the time. Anyone can make a unique fidget toy with just a few simple materials and patience. The Step-by-Step Guide in this article gives readers all the information they need to get started on their project, while the Tips for Improving Your Fidget Toy Design provide insight into how to improve your design. So, don’t hesitate – to get creative today and make your custom fidget toy!

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